Route 975 connecting the new tourist "capital" of South Phu Quoc to key areas across the island such as airport, Duong Dong town, Bai Sao ... is considered by investors as the island's silk road. Gem.

 "Silk Road" connects Ngoc Island

The Silk Road is a legendary road system of the world's largest trade roads in ancient times, is the lifeblood of merchants' trade.

Today, "Silk Road" has become a term referring to the arterial roads that play a key role in the socio-economic development of a land. Thanks to the commercial, economic and commercial values in the places where the "Silk Road" goes, investors are always looking for real estate around them. Vietnam is no exception, especially in localities that are focused on investment, with strong potential for development of trade and tourism, real estate products cannot avoid "out of stock".


An Thoi town is planned to become one of the three largest urban areas in Phu Quoc (4)

Recently, attracting investors' attention must include Phu Quoc, the island being invested and upgraded to become the first "island city" of our country. Traffic infrastructure system on the island such as Phu Quoc International Airport, An Thoi international seaport; Phu Quoc international passenger port is focused on upgrading to meet the strong development of tourism. The roads on the island are completed investment according to high standards. Along with that, Phu Quoc's tourism infrastructure system is also more and more methodical with the presence of world-class entertainment and resort complexes in the South Island such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Premier Village Phu Quoc. , Premier Residence Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Sun World Hon Thom Natural Park ... Also according to the plan, An Thoi town in the South of the island by 2030 will be one of the three largest urban areas on Ngoc Island.

Looking at the picture of the "island city" of Phu Quoc, it is not difficult to see the "silk road" connecting the new tourist center of South Phu Quoc to the key areas / areas of Phu Quoc in less than 30 minutes such as Duong Dong town, international airport, Bai Kem, Bai Sao, An Thoi town, famous tourist area of Phu Quoc Prison…. is a new provincial road 975 with 4 lanes of cars that have just been invested in a spacious and modern manner. All more than 4 million tourists come to the Ngoc Island resort with the growth of more than 30% per year, of which the growth of international visitors up to 20-25% will move on this road in the journey to discover Phu Quoc.

A rich future on the "silk road"

The axis of "Silk Road 975" is particularly rich in potential for entertainment and commercial services that need wide road surface, open space to promote products to serve both people and tourists such as umbrella showrooms. car, electronics supermarket, home appliances, children's play area, karaoke, tourist office ... According to investor Sun Group, commercial townhouses products Sun Grand City New An Thoi is located on An Thoi Avenue - Cua Lap on the main road 975 has received a lot of special attention before selling.

Each townhouse on the An Thoi - Cua Lap street has a "huge" frontage of up to 7.5m, owns 2 expensive fronts, 5 floors in height, the same usable area is up to 600m2. Visitors to the South Island whether traveling on New An Thoi Boulevard to Hon Thom cable car or resort buildings, the sights on Provincial Highway 975 will be impressed by the colorful commercial townhouses. frontage on both these boulevards.

 Ở đại lộ An Thới Cửa Lấp, lưu lượng phương tiện qua lại mỗi ngày rất lớn nên tính nhận diện thương hiệu cao
At An Thoi Boulevard in Cua Lap, the traffic volume of vehicles every day is very large, resulting in high brand recognition

The number of units here is very limited, so most homeowners have full competitive advantage.

Mr. Phuong Nam, an investor from Hanoi, who bought 3 Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort villas is one of the earliest customers to "lay bricks" in this most expensive commercial townhouse series Sun Grand City New An Thoi : “I own a SOL card so I get a discount of 1%, plus interior incentives, prepayment, so I get a fair amount. Furthermore, from looking at the occupancy rate and the price growth of the villa in Mui Ong Doi, I believe that the occupancy in Phu Quoc will be increasing, especially in the South Island area. The location on the An Thoi - Cua Lap Boulevard is very close and convenient for tourists at JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay or resort projects in the South Island. If business entertainment services like Karaoke, it will definitely attract customers. Mr. Nam also emphasized the reason for choosing Sun Grand City New An Thoi because this is a project located at the heart of the South Island's billion-dollar entertainment and entertainment ecosystem, so the future will be easy. inherited a huge influx of tourists.

Another policy that many customers take advantage of during the year-end real estate "golden" season is the financial support package. Specifically, customers will be able to use a loan package up to 70% of real estate value, interest rate of 0% and free prepayment within 24 months from the first disbursement date. In addition, the preferential 1% discount policy for customers with Kien Giang household registration or businesses registered in Phu Quoc, discounts for customers who make early payments ... also bring financial problems. flexibility for investors.

The image of wealthy merchants on the old Silk Road will soon appear on the An Thoi - Cua Lap street, bringing a rich future not only for urban residents but also for the "island city of the island. money "of Vietnam.


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