The first island urban area Sun Grand City New An Thoi heats the Phu Quoc real estate market not only by its location, design, but also in the attractive investment problem, the initial investment is not large but foreseeing the flow. sustainable profit increase, difficult to "rival".

Large capital flows poured into the island urban area in Phu Quoc

Real estate is still considered as the largest asset reserve channel today with a value of 3.5 times of the total global GDP output. Therefore, compared to other investment channels, real estate is still trusted as a safe, stable and profitable investment channel. In which, real estate both living and doing business in tourist destinations has attracted a lot of attention from the beginning of the year until now.

The market with great potential that is constantly mentioned is Phu Quoc. According to Mr. Huynh Quang Hung, Vice Chairman of Phu Quoc District People's Committee, it can be said that at this point, Phu Quoc is one of the localities with the best investment incentive mechanisms and policies in the country: “Accordingly, All investment policies are very favorable, especially incentives for corporate income tax, personal income tax, land rental as well as time for land use levy collection. Up to this point, Phu Quoc has attracted 304 projects of domestic and foreign investors with a total registered capital of up to 370 trillion dong, equivalent to 16 billion USD ”.

An experienced investor in the Phu Quoc market revealed: “Recently, the real estate world is interested in the newly launched urban area Sun Grand City New An Thoi in South Phu Quoc. With the characteristics of a new urban area with synchronous infrastructure and utilities, this project also attracts Phu Quoc people and business households who have been with Phu Quoc for many years expanding their business towards serving tourism. calendar".

Investment opportunities Sun Grand City New An Thoi is very likely to be competitive when more than 95% home funds introduced to the market will be booked by investors, products with beautiful and convenient locations will soon. owner.

Commercial townhouses enjoy great profits

The reason Sun Grand City New An Thoi commercial townhouse is attractive from the first day of launch is because it has many outstanding advantages. Located at the gateway to the South Phu Quoc complex, located on the main road 975 connecting the South - North of the Ngoc Island, and connecting the resort projects in the South of the island will ensure business problems. lasting. With Mediterranean design style, each apartment on Sun Grand City New An Thoi with a facade of up to 7.5m, 5 floors high, using area of more than 600m2 easily becomes eye-catching business stores.

For example, if running a mini hotel, a house in Sun Grand City New An Thoi on An Thoi - Cua Lap street or New An Thoi avenue can be divided into 18 rooms. On average, the price is 1.2 million / night / room - the popular price for the current 2-3-star hotel in Phu Quoc, if only modestly the occupancy rate 60%, after subtracting the cost operation, profit per year is up to nearly 3 billion, equivalent to the profitability rate of 9.91T1T. This is the estimated profit margin for the first stage of operation, in fact, investors expect to achieve a higher profitability after 3-5 years of stable exploitation.


Kinh doanh mini hotel tại Sun Grand City New An Thoi có thể thu về lợi nhuận khủng (1)
Mini hotel business at Sun Grand City New An Thoi can earn huge profits (1)

The new 3 billion dong / year interest is just the beginning. Only today, when the population of Nam Phu Quoc is completed, the growth of tourists is not only at more than 30% per year and the value of real estate in the center of Ngoc Island also increases constantly.

In addition, investors of Sun Grand City New An Thoi commercial townhouses, if using the financial support package to borrow from a bank, disbursed before February 2020, will be able to borrow up to 70% of real estate value with 0% interest rate, grace period, free prepayment for 24 months from the first disbursement date. Calculated, in the first 2 years, investors only need to spend 30% of the value of the house. This is a great opportunity, creating conditions for investors not to be under financial pressure, or to still have a surplus of investment, business, and cash flow.

With the characteristic of being a long-term urban land, the owner of Sun Grand City New An Thoi commercial townhouse is completely assured of his property in the second most famous tourist destination in Vietnam.


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