Europa Group - A European group with many years of experience in immigration investment in countries in Europe and Australia. In addition, Europa Group also provides effective solutions in the field of financial consulting and real estate investment
Europa Group is a project developer of reputable Investors in Vietnam market. With a team of senior consultants, Europa Group has received the trust from partners and customers, and is highly appreciated by investors for their capacity and mentality.

From the reputation and many years of distribution experience of the European system, Europa Group is developed deeply in the high-end real estate segment, providing international standard services and high-class value to partners, customer. Europa Group always makes a difference in the market with its reputation and a solid position, outstanding efficiency as well as professionalism and transparency in all transactions and business activities.

Vision, mission
& Core values


Europa Group has become the trusted real estate service brand of choice in Vietnam


Europa Group believes that the sustainable development of the business must be based on the harmony of interests of all parties:
Customers - Employees - Shareholders, to promote the development of the real estate market, contribute to creating value for the community.

For customers: Europa Group is an effective bridge between real estate investors and buyers, bringing practical benefits and long-term value by satisfying the needs of the parties as much as possible.

For employees: Building a professional working environment. Training and comprehensive development of professional knowledge, skills and manners. Facilitating high income and pride of being respected by customers and society.

For shareholders: As a reliable companion of shareholders and partners, Europa Group upholds the spirit of cooperation for mutual development, transparency in operations and finance, always increasing early values. long-term and sustainable investment.


TIN - Europa Group always commits and realizes commitments to Customers - Employees - Shareholders, ensuring efficiency in services provided to customers (including investors, project developers and people). buying real estate). This is also the guideline of all of Europa Group's Board of Directors, members, and employees in all operations, research, sales and customer care.

TRI - Europa Group always thinks and makes creative efforts, offering effective solutions in all activities, thereby creating added value for Customers - Employees - Shareholders.

GERMANY - Integrity is the highest display of honesty and strong adherence to ethical standards. This is an important value that forms the reputation and brand of Europa Group, portraying the image of a reliable business, always maintaining commitment and efficiency in the process of operation.


EUROPA Group is always trusted and accompanied by its partners



68 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Europa Group

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